The Findley Lake Community Foundation

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Due to the generosity of more than 100 friends and families of the Findley Lake Community Foundation, more than $170,000 has been distributed in local community grants since 1999. The Findley Lake Community Foundation partners with the Erie Community Foundation and benefits from the Foundation's investment expertise, marketing experience and administrative support.

The Findley Lake Community Foundation, named after its first settler, Alexander Findley, serves the community of Findley Lake, New York. A few years after purchasing the land in 1811, Findley built a dam at the north end of two adjoining ponds. This dam created what we now know as Findley Lake, with over 27,000 feet of breathtaking shoreline.

The passing years have generated a great sense of community pride.Today, the lake remains a source of beauty and enjoyment for both residents and visitors. All gifts to the Findley Lake Community Foundation represent a lasting investment in the hamlet of Findley Lake, its neighbors, and its community.

The Findley Lake Community Foundation
459 West 6th Street
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