2019 Grants Awarded

Nonprofit Project Funded Amount Received
Corry Industrial Benefit Association Blight Removal Project Campaign (1 of 3) 30,000
YMCA of Corry Better YOU, Better CORRY, Better Y (3 of 3) 42,500
New Life Restoration Computer Upgrade 1,313
Corry Area Arts Council 2019 Thursdays in the Park Music Series 10,000
Corry Area Little League Safety Bases 2,100
Corry RAILS Climax A Acquisition 15,000
Downtown Corry Business Association 2019 First Fridays 10,500
Warren Forest Higher Education Council Diploma Program in Corry 6,000
YMCA of Corry Swim Lessons Save Lives 6,000
Corry Arts Council Auxiliary Missoula Theatre 2,000
Corry Neighborhood Initiative Dumpster Days 1,000
Corry Community Center AEIOU Summer Program 2,000
City of Corry Code Compliance (1 of 4) 19,500
Impact Corry Start Up Costs 10,000
Corry Area Arts Council Elementary Drama Club 1,000
Corry Industrial Benefit Association Corry Pride Banners 2,000
Camp Halo Socks and Shoes for Campers 2,000
YMCA of Corry Summer Camp Enrichment 2,000
Corry Area Historical Society Entry Door 2,000
United Fund New Copier 1,999
Hope Ministry Roof Replacement 35,000
Impact Corry Restoring Corry 5,000
Salvation Army Emergency Assistance - Freezer Replacement 2,750
Second Harvest Food Bank Food Pantry at CASD 5,000
United Way Erie FREE Taxes VITA Program 5,500
ACES PA Business Week at CAHS 2,000
Corry Area Food Pantry 2019 Holiday Food Distribution 2,000
Corry Hi Ed Technology Upgrade 2,000
Corry Public Library Fence Repair 1,815
Village Friends Website Redesign 1,000
Impact Corry Historical Registration 2,000
Impact Corry Corry Cabin Fever Signage 1,100

2019 Grants Awarded to Date: $227,077!

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