2023 Grant Awards

Organization Project Funded Amount Received
City of Corry Code Enforcement $20,000
Corry YMCA Raise the Roof Campaign $40,000
Corry Higher Education Council Small Business Jumpstart $3,500
Impact Corry Shredder $611
All God's Children Ministries Ramps of Hope $9,500
Corry Area Arts Council Thursdays in the Park $9,000
Corry Area Little League Mower Replacement $7,500
Corry Community Center Summer Recreation Program $4,800
Corry Higher Education Council Boiler Replacement $6,000
CIBA for the benefit of the Corry Neighborhood Initiative Blight Reduction $50,000
First Presbyterian Church Roof Replacement $36,000
Impact Corry Renaissance Block $49,000
Impact Corry for the benefit of DCBA First Fridays $18,836
NWPA Trail Association Trail Refurbishment $16,210
Carpenter's for Christ Mower Replacement $2,699
Elgin-Beaverdam Hose Company Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus $3,500
Tri-County SnowBlazers Min-Excavator (matching funds) $3,500
Corry Area Artist's Guild Summer Art Shows and Activities $3,500
YMCA of Corry for the benefit of the Corry Area Chamber of Commerce CorryFest 2023 $3,500
NWPA Trail Association Large Tree Removal $3,500
Safe Journey Storage Furniture Upgrade $3,500
YMCA of Corry Summer Enrichment Program $3,500
Corry Kids Wrestling Wrestling Mats (pending) $23,260
Corry RAILS New Boiler for Climax $40,000
Second Harvest Food Bank CASD Pantry Program $8,000
Impact Corry Blight Eradication Administration $30,000
Corry Higher Education Council Leadership Class $3,300
Safe Journey New Flooring in Shelter $3,500
3 Pillarz Farm FarmFest 2023 $3,500
CIBA for the benefit of the Corry Area Chamber of Commerce Website Redesign $3,500
Impact Corry Shared Office $3,500
NWPA Trail Association Trail Maintenance Equipment $1,250

2023 Grant Awards Through June

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