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CCF adds guest advisers to grant committee

April 04, 2018

By Erin Passinger


In an effort to broaden perspectives and consider additional opinions, the Corry Community Foundation is adding guest advisers to its Grant Advisory Committee.

The committee — which meets twice a year to listen to grant presentations for standard grant requests (more than $2,000) has six permanent members.

Beginning with the spring cycle, two guest advisers will sit in on the grant presentations and offer their opinion about how available money should be delegated.   

"We are primarily turning to young leaders in the community," said Shelby Scouten, executive assistant for CCF. "We want to get their ideas and opinions and see what they think would be good initiatives."

CCF launched a new subgroup, Friends of the Foundation, in the fall that aims to bring together young business owners and emerging leaders. Scouten said the Grant Advisory Committee will look to that group for future guest advisers. 

"We had a great turnout for Friends of the Foundation and wanted to reach out to those in that group as the next step in understanding what the foundation does and helping to make decisions," Scouten said.

Standard grant requests are doled out twice a year — in April and October — with presentations taking place typically a week or two before the decisions. 

After the upcoming spring cycle, members of the Grant Advisory Committee will meet again in late September. And, two new guest advisers will be selected to sit in on the presentations.

The spring guest advisers who have been chosen are Mandi Johnson from Associated Spring-Barnes Group and Jason Halfast, owner of Napa Auto Parts.

Permanent Grant Advisory Committee members are Lindsay Church, Chris Crotty, Shawn Gross, Kim Hawkes, Eleanor McIntyre and Dave Sample. 

Anyone interested in becoming a future guest advisers is asked to contact Scouten at 664-3884.

CCF, which was established in 2000, is a charitable foundation that helps nonprofit organizations advance in the Corry community.

The foundation's 42 charitable endowments are valued at about $10 million. All of the money received by CCF stays in the Corry area.